My name is Emm Federico; Emm is the short for Emmanuel. I am an anthropologist/photographer and was born and raised in the Netherlands. Since my semi-retirement I have lived in the north east of Thailand. My regional focus of attention in anthropology is the Mekong River region which is home to more than 300 million people. I am interested in the cultural values and norms acknowledged by Asian people, as opposed to those of the West. I aim to image the 'Spirit of Life' in the Mekong region, and my purpose is to enrich human understanding on a broader level.

My main photography genre is documentary photography and I attempt to image National Festivals and similar events. The photos focus on people's appearance and behavior in public. Most of the people that I picture are aware that their photo is taken; they have eye contact with me. My documentary photos rarely are processed or manipulated, and my photography is not about the newest gear, or the number of megapixels at my disposal. When possible, I go on my bicycle to the places and people that I photograph. The bicycle trailer contains my photo gear and travel luggage. I use basic and inexpensive photo gear, and work on my own.

I hope that you like my website and my photos, and I thank you for visiting my site: “Mile Grazie!”

emm federico

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