My name is Emmanuel Federico (short: “Emm”). I was born and raised in Europe. Educated as an anthropologist with regional focus of attention on the Mekong River region, I am interested in the cultural values and norms of this region. Being a photographer also, I photograph people living in this region, with the aim to record their appearances. The purpose is to enrich human understanding of social behavior on a broader level.

I mainly photograph people which are present at the National Festivals or similar events, i.e. people’s appearances in public. When possible, I go on my bicycle with trailer to the Festival locations. The trailer contains my photo gear and travel luggage. I use basic and inexpensive photo gear, and I work on my own. My photography is about people, not about the newest photo gear or the number of megapixels at my disposal.

I hope that you like my website and my photos, and I thank you for visiting my site: “Mile Grazie!”

emm federico

My website domains are purchased and hosted in California USA and Toronto CANADA, hence outside the jurisdiction of Thailand.

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