Portrait Photos


My photography genre is portrait photography. I capture images outdoors with the use of natural light, or few times indoors with the use of the existing artificial light. The photos picture what I observe, i.e. the people joining the National Festival parades, the people watching the parades, the people working at the market stalls set-up during the Festivals, and the people visiting these markets. I am a kind of a street photographer, so to speak.

The photos primarily image the faces and traditional clothing of the parade participants. Women as well as men and children are pictured. Most people are aware that their photo is taken and do not consider my photo taking offensive. They present themselves openly in the public eye and are rather pleased to be photographed. These portrait photos I rarely process or manipulate. The ones I like I post on my website.

I hope that you like my website and my photos, and I thank you for visiting my site: “Mile Grazie!”

emm federico 

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