Next to my documentary photography, I now and then take photos that I call: “fantasies”. I call the photos ‘fantasies’ because they are imaginative pictures. These fantasies include painterly portrait photos, beauty & glamour photos, and boudoir & nude photos. My style is simple and grounded in the classic portraiture. The aim of my fantasy photos is to produce visually pleasing wall decorations. The purpose is to communicate my personal reality within the reality of the Asian world surrounding me.

My fantasy photos are attempts to image my own thoughts and experiences in carefully planned compositions. The photos contrast my documentary photography that image reality where nothing is planned. The photos are taken at an appropriate outdoors location with the use of natural light, or indoors in my photo-studio with the use of artificial lighting, backdrops, and etcetera. The pictured people usually are the people that like to have this kind of photos taken. Most of the subjects are women, but I also picture men.

The photos focus on the total picture, the person’s face, the person's face and upper or full body, or on the person’s body lines. The people photographed are aware of the camera; they have eye contact with me. The photos often are processed and digitally manipulated. The photos for this gallery are under construction. To give you already an idea of what I have in mind, I show some of my favorite photos made by other photographers. The photographers are:

  • Photo 1 - Painterly by Desiree DOLRON
  • Photo 2 - Painterly by Gemmy WOUD-BINNENDIJK
  • Photo 3 - Beauty by Magdalena NIZIOL
  • Photo 4 - Boudoir by Jhoebe GARCIA
  • Photo 5 - Boudoir by Unknown
  • Photo 6 - Nude by Bruno BIRKHOFER

I hope that you like my website and my photos, and I thank you for visiting my site: “Mile Grazie!”

emm federico 

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